Isolation gowns are very important when it comes to safety. In places like hospitals, clinics and where diseases and viruses can attack us. They create a barrier between us and these diseases. And they are very important in today’s world with a global pandemic solution. 

We use them in almost every place with crowds because of the possible attack from the coronavirus. Their need is increasing and thus we have to optimize the usage as well. If, we don’t want to get short of supplies in times of dire need. 

What are Isolation Gowns?

They are a type of protective clothing. They’re made to prevent diseases and viruses from contacting our body. It requires a special type of sterilized cloth to create them. They come in different types and levels based on their level of protection.

They can be of Disposable or Reusable types. And in four different levels based on their sensitivity against diseases and viruses. The FDA has set some ground rules that every gown manufacturer must follow to ensure safety.

Why are they used?

We use a gown to protect ourselves from being vulnerable to viruses. In places where we have to make contact with an infected person. They are very necessary to protect ourselves from catching any diseases. 

Doctors and healthcare workers are most exposed to this danger. It is thus a mandatory thing in hospitals for the staff and visitors. It is a protective shield between us and viruses of different kinds.

Importance in the healthcare industry

As I said earlier, doctors, nurses or other healthcare related staff are most exposed to germs. That’s why they need to protect themselves from any kind of viruses or diseases. Gown is one of the most important parts of Personal Protective Equipment. It covers most of our body and keeps us protected from any kind of virus attacks. 

In situations such as the Covid-19, where anyone and everyone can catch the disease. Personal safety equipment is very important. Hospitals and other healthcare related places have a lot of infected people visiting. They have to thus make sure everyone else is safe from catching any viruses.

Personal protective equipment plays a very important role in these safety precautions. We need them to keep ourselves safe. And they ensure our safety against different deadly diseases.

How to optimize the supply?

The demand for healthcare supplies is increasing with a good speed. And this has also increased the risk of shortfall of these supplies. Everyone needs them today and manufacturers aren’t enough. So it is important that we optimize our supply and save as much as we can. 

Here are some tips that might help optimize your supplies.

Shift towards reusable

One good and necessary thing to do is to shift towards reusable gowns as much as possible. Medical Disposable items are only one-time wearable thus we need greater supplies of them. Whereas, we can wash the reusable ones, sterilize them and wear them again. This reduces the need of gown supplies and saves money as well. 

Try using coveralls

Coveralls are also a type of gown and we use them to cover our entire body. Another great way to optimize your supplies is to try using coveralls when possible. This way you get the protection you need and you can reduce the gown usage. Coveralls are also made same as gowns to provide safety against diseases. They can be thus used instead to optimize the usage of supplies.

Extend usage

Another good practice is to extend your use of isolation gowns and coveralls. In less complicated situations, we don’t have to change our gowns or coveralls on a regular basis. Until they are wet, torn or soiled, we can keep using them after simple sterilization. This also optimizes our supplies.

Reuse cloth gown

Cloth gowns are reusable gowns made with polyester or cotton polyester clothing. We can reuse them as long as they are not damaged. These are washable and thus we can reuse them for many times. A basic sterilization would be enough to ensure the safety measures. Only when exposed to complicated situations. Like surgeries or contact with a Covid-19 positive patients, we need to dispose-off our gown.

Rank them

Always rank your gowns based on their need and safety levels. This can help optimize your gown supplies. When we know what level of gown we need for a specific purpose, we can make better use of our gown supplies. This is also an important step in optimizing your gown supplies. 

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