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Jnet Biologics is one of the finest distributors of advanced healthcare supplies and disposable medical equipment.


JNet Biologics is a distribution company specializing in Regenerative Medicine, Stem cell products and medical disposable PPE. Striving to make sure health reaches everyone, we offer the highest quality, FDA regulated stem cell based treatments that focus on therapeutic applications of Regenerative Medicine. 

Our stem cell based products are made by experts in the field under scientific supervision in a research based approach. 

In the time of increasing need for the personal protective equipment, we are here to provide people with their basic healthcare needs to make sure they are kept safe from any spreading viruses.

As one of the best and renowned distributors in town, our team is enthusiastic about the unbounded potential of advanced medical and healthcare options and the way they can be useful for the vitality of human health.

Health is everyone’s basic right, and with this belief; we at JNet Biologics aim at building a healthy future and generation through our regenerative medicine and healthcare services. We work closely with some of the best medical practitioners from around the world practicing in the USA. 

By providing these medical interventions as therapeutic solutions for patients in various clinical trials; we are consistently monitoring and improving the safety and efficacy of our biological medicine and medical supplies. The journey towards this innovation and advanced medicine are supported by scientists, doctors and experts around the globe.


“To make sure health reaches everywhere and everyone”.
To offer unique and advanced healthcare and medical supplies developed with the original and hygienic products, under high-quality standards that allow us international projection and local consolidation through formal establishment of strategic treatment of ailments.


We have made remarkable progress in the pharmaceutical industry by providing high quality, FDA Regulated Regenerative medicine, stem cell products and disposable PPE.

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We provide the Highest Quality of advanced healthcare products regulated by the FDA in USA to maintain integrity and quality.

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Our Aim is to follow high quality standards in all the underlying processes. All our products are verified by the FDA in the USA to ensure safe and hygienic products.

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Available 24/7

Our staff is dedicated to provide you the medical service. We will deal you with high passion. We are available 24/7 to provide you our services.


We are proudly providing different kinds of medical supplies. There are; Regenerative Medicine, Stem cell based cosmetic Regenere3D and Medical Disposable PPE . Have a look on each of them in detail.

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“Best Future Healthcare”

In coming years, we will be the leading distribution company specializing in regenerative medicine, stem cell products and medical disposable PPE. Our Company not only in sales but also in innovation, value creation and process excellence with registered and regulated products and with a high sense of social responsibility.

Our Gallery

View our pictures to see the processes involve in the preparation of stem cells. Each picture speaks about the quality that we maintain.

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Quality Policy

“Unique Class Regenerative Medicine”

JNet Biologics is a company dedicated to medical contribution with high-quality services. we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs, and continuously improving our processes and act according to the legal requirements.

Our Story

We have proved that use of regenerative medicines treat diseases and injuries with high precision and accuracy. These therapies also lead to higher concentrations of growth factors, high numbers of Cytokines, and additional elements including exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, and mRNA.

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Information security policy

JNet Biologics is a company based on facilitating the significant and affordable therapeutic solutions for patients; therefore, information security is of vital importance for its growth, aware of this, is committed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of data.


Risk analysis and assessment is a habit in JNet Biologics, which allows us to have a secure and controlled technological infrastructure, allowing us to provide high-quality products and services to our clients. JNet Biologics is committed to the review and continuous improvement of the information security and to meet the terms with the applicable requirements.

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