Amniotic Derived Stem Cells

JNET Biologics is the only institute in Pakistan who is providing Amniotic and Umbilical cord stem cells.

As stem cells are those undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into any specialized cells capable of cell division through mitosis. Amniotic stem cells (ASCs) are collectively a mixture of stem cells that can be obtained from amniotic fluid and tissue. Amniotic fluid is that liquid present in woman’s fetus during pregnancy to protect all derived cells inside the fetus. Amniotic stem cells (ASCs) can develop into many different types of tissues such as skin, cartilage, cardiac, nerves, muscle, and bone. Consequently, ASCs have been implicated to provide many medical applications, especially in organ and joint regeneration.

How amniotic stem cells are obtained:

Amniotic Blood Stem Cells can be extracted from the amniotic sac by a process called amniocentesis. This process doesn’t harm the developing fetus, which is very important to emphasize because of the negative stigma around embryonically derived stem cells. It is believed that all stem cells are derived by killing the embryos, but this is not the case. Many types of stem cells have been identified that can be isolated without harming an embryo. If the process is done before the birth of the baby, then the amniotic fluid is collected in between 20-25 weeks. If the process is done immediately after the birth then amniotic material is collected safely from the removing fluid. After collection of amniotic fluid, it is transferred to the culture lab( FDA certified). Where the stem cells are separated from fluid because they have the ability to adhere to the neuronal stem cell surfaces.

How amniotic stem cells are preserved:

For stem cell preservation, a particular amount of the fluid extracted for genetic treatment is saved in a collection container for transport to a processing and storage facility. Amniotic stem cells obtained by fetus liquid are preserved for safe and better use. They are kept in a sterilized container and then taken to the FDA registered and certified laboratory.


What is the Purpose of Amniotic stem cells treatment?

Having plenty of stem cells, an abundance of development Factors and high amount of exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, mRNA in them, these regenerative materials support the growth of tissues and put a stop to infections. Even defected heart tissues are grown with this treatment. Various regenerative medicines are prepared with amniotic stem cells. Regenerative medicine is an emerging, rapidly advancing field in therapeutics and research in developing treatments to repair or re-grow specific tissue in the body. Amniotic stem cells can be developed into various tissue types including skin, cartilage, cardiac tissue, nerves, muscle, and bone. These cells can also be grown especially in organ regeneration. Like with the help of Amniotic stem cell treatment, JNet biologics do cardiac regeneration, Lung epithelial regeneration, Kidney regeneration, Bone and cartilage growth, diabetes treatment.


How regeneration treatment with amniotic cells is beneficial:

Amniotic blood stem cells are used as a safe option for patients who are at high risk for complications due to dangerous diseases. Moreover, they don’t require any harvesting , quantity and quality both are obtained by natural fetus liquid. No artificial procedure is required. Amniotic materials are very consistent. When the processing occurs at first-rate labs certified by the FDA, the amount of cells is very high and extremely consistent. Such great specifications make the outcomes effective and excellent.


Amniotic Stem Cell FDA regulated process:

JNET Biologics is the only institute in Pakistan that is providing Amniotic stem cell treatment. We supply Amniotic Derived Stem Cells after approving them from the FDA. Amniotic stem cells are the mixture of stem cells which are acquired from amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane.

Amniotic Stem cell treatment by JNet Biologics:

Amniotic Stem Cells are now available by the First FDA Regulatory Stem Cell Centre (JNet Biologics) in Pakistan, in treatment of various diseases. We help our patients in preventing infection and accelerate tissues growth of all types including collagen, tendon, lung, kidney, and heart, etc.

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