In today’s world, viruses and infections have grown very strong. We come across a new kind of a disease or a virus every few years. Most people in the world didn’t have any idea what a COVID-19 is just a couple of years ago. And today we are facing it as one of the biggest problems of the world. 

Other viruses that were there in the world already have also been growing strong and therefore need stronger protection. While dealing with patients in hospitals or even being around any, the doctors and staff need to be strongly protected from different viruses and diseases floating around.

Personal protective equipment is used to form a shield between two people so that no diseases or viruses can spread. One of the most items of this PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is the isolation gowns.

What are Isolation Gowns?

Isolation gowns are specialized gowns that are worn in order to form a protective shield between a doctor and the patient. These gowns are made specially to deal with micro-organisms that can spread through the air and infect people that are around. 

There are 4 levels of these isolation gowns based on their purposes and their sensitivity related to infections and viruses.

Why are gowns used in healthcare?

The Healthcare industry is the most vital to us. And it deals with the most dangerous situations for us. In the case of a global pandemic, is the healthcare industry we rely upon to find cures and answers to our problems. Therefore, people working in healthcare have to be properly protected in order to keep working against viruses and diseases.

Gowns are used as a way of protection in healthcare. They are made specially to tackle viruses and diseases that can spread between people through the air. Gowns form a shield between a healthcare professional and a virus carrying a patient. They ensure the safety of the one wearing them and make it easier and safer for them to work in infectious environments.

What is PPE?

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is a special type of equipment that is used to ensure a person’s safety against viral diseases and viruses. PPE consists of different things which are made specially to perform their roles to protect the human bodies from catching any floating diseases.

Personal protective equipment includes face masks, head covers, shields, gowns, gloves, sanitizers, and overalls.

How do Isolation Gowns Work?

Isolation gowns are made specially to perform effectively in providing the appropriate level of protection against the penetration of liquids and microorganisms. These liquids and microorganisms carry viruses and diseases and spread them between people.

The isolation gowns form a barrier between viruses and a person wearing them. These gowns are made in a way that they must resist every kind of penetration of microorganisms both dry and wet. 

What are the 4 levels of isolation gowns?

According to rules set by the FDA, the following guideline properties must be obtained for each level of the gown in order to be certified.

Level 1: Minimal risk. To be used during basic care, standard isolation, a cover gown for visitors, or in a standard medical unit.

Level 2: Low Risk. To be used during the blood draw, suturing, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), or a pathology lab.

Level 3: Moderate Risk. To be used during the arterial blood draw, inserting an intravenous (IV) line, in the emergency room or for trauma cases.

Level 4: High Risk. To be used during long and fluid intense procedures, surgeries, when pathogen resistance is needed or infectious diseases are suspected.

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