Personal Protective Equipment is one of the most important necessities for safety from infections and viruses. In times like today, when the entire world is dealing with a pandemic known as the Coronavirus Covid-19, the most important safety measure second to social distancing is the use of personal protective equipment.

The people who are most likely to catch a virus are the ones who are working in hospitals. Whether doctors or nurses or any other paramedic staff, all of the people present in a hospital are the easiest targets for any virus of infection. Therefore, the use of personal protective equipment in hospitals is essential. It helps save ourselves from many different kinds of transferable germs and viruses and protects us from serious diseases.

What is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment refers to the things designed to protect the wearer from injuries or catching any infections. These things include disposable clothing, masks, gloves, helmets, goggles, respirators, and face shields. All of these things help protect the person who is wearing them from catching of spreading illness or infection. It works as a barrier between blood, bloody fluids, or respiratory secretions. PPE is also used to prevent cross-contamination. For instance, in food preparation or for safety while handling chemicals.

Why is PPE important?

Personal Protective Equipment works as a barrier between you and infectious materials. It blocks the transmission of contaminants from blood, fluids, and other people into your body. While working in an environment where diseases are most likely to spread or cause infections into people who come into interaction with it, PPE is essential to keep us safe from being vulnerable to diseases.

In hospitals, especially since many different people with different diseases come into a hospital, you never know who carries a transferable infection. So, wearing personal protective equipment boosts your safety level and prevents viruses from reaching your eyes, skin, nose, or mouth.

Where is PPE used?

Personal protective equipment is used in many different fields of human lives. In restaurants and kitchens to prevent anything harmful entering into food from the one making or serving it in hospitals for various procedures such as surgeries, operations, check-ups, dental check-ups, and almost every other interaction between a patient and a doctor.

In hard times like today, when the earth is going through a global pandemic, PPE is being used even in markets and houses. People are trying to keep themselves safe from making contact with the deadly coronavirus. Thus the demand and usage of PPE are massively increased.

Different types of PPE

Personal protective equipment is mostly used in hospitals to protect the staff, patients, and visitors from catching any diseases. However, it is being used almost everywhere in the world currently. Be it hospitals or offices, business meetings, or simple gatherings.
PPE are of several different types. These include:

Safety Masks

Surgical masks are used to cover your mouth and nose and prevent viruses from entering into your body. They prevent you from catching any diseases or spreading them if you already have one. These are of different types. Some are simple 2 or 3 ply cloth masks, and some are particular purpose respirators which forms a tight seal around our nose and mouth to prevent even the smallest bacteria from entering into the body. Some masks also have a plastic screen to cover your eyes.

Safety Gloves

One of the very common types of PPE is used in almost every field of life. Doctors, dentists, chefs are one of the most frequent users of gloves in their everyday lives. These gloves are made so that they don’t interrupt you from doing your necessary chores while protecting your hands from catching any germs.

Eye Shields:

These include face shields and goggles. Since viruses can enter into our bodies from eyes or skin as well, therefore a face shield and glasses are used to prevent that from happening.

Safety Clothing

These include gowns, aprons, head, and shoe covers. They are often used in surgeries and in cases where visitors have to visit someone in isolation due to a very infectious disease. The currently active coronavirus is an exceptionally contagious disease, and therefore, every single staff member and visitors in the hospitals must wear protective clothing before coming into contact with anyone.

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