The construction industry is one of the workplaces that have a dangerous work environment. With all the heavy machinery and huge things around, one has to be very cautious to stay safe. Personal protective equipment is thus an important part of a construction worker’s safety.

What is PPE? 

Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs are made for safety. They’re designed to provide safety from different types of safety hazards in different industries. In the medical and healthcare sector, PPEs like isolation gowns, safety shoes, overalls, masks, etc are mandatory. Whereas in the construction industry, wearing high-viz safety vests, safety shoes, overalls, hard hats are must-have for construction workers for maximum protection. The main purpose of this personal protective equipment is to ensure worker’s safety at the workplace.  

Essential PPE for the construction workers

Here is a list of 10 essential personal protective equipment for construction workers. 

1. Safety Shoes:

For construction workers, they use a special type of boots called “safety shoes/boots” designed with slip-resistant soles and steel cap toes. They are hard and ensure proper safety of the workers. The slip-resistant soles make sure that workers don’t slip and fall in slippery workplaces. They are best to protect workers from heavy rain, heavy equipment falls on foot, and from other issues.

The steel cap toes protect the feet in case something heavy falls on the boots. They ensure that the feet inside the boots are safe from any kind of mishap.

2. Safety Gloves:

During any kind of work, hands are the most at-risk part of our body. Because we do most of the works by using our hands. And that’s why they are more likely to get hurt than any other part of our body. Gloves are thus a very important part of the PPE for workers. 

We have to make sure that the gloves we wear are not damaged from anywhere and they are protective. Any damaged or burnt gloves should get disposed and we must use safe undamaged gloves. If we want to keep our hands safe from any kind of mishap.

3. Ear Plugs:

Construction environments are very noisy polluted. This happens due to heavy machinery at work and other construction activities. And constant noise can damage our ears and hearing ability. It is thus necessary for the construction workers to have earplugs with them at all times. So, they can save their ears from harm and give them a rest at times.

4. Hard Hats:

Hard hats work like helmets for riders. They keep the most important part of our body, our head, that has our brain, safe. Construction sites are risky and anything can fall from anywhere at any time. Hard hats provide security to our heads from any falling objects or accidents. They are one of the most important and must wear PPE for construction workers. 

5. Goggles:

Same as ears, our eyes are also exposed to many dangers in a construction workspace. Chemicals wastes, dirt, smoke, and flying particles, anything can bring damage. It is thus necessary for us to wear work goggles to protect our eyes from any kind of harm. We have to make sure that the goggles we are using are properly made and fit right on our cheeks and protect our eyes.

6. High Visibility Clothing (Hi-Viz):

In construction places such as bridges, roads, or anywhere where vehicles can appear. Or while working in the night time. It is very important to use High Visibility Clothing as a PPE. They consist of materials with bright colors to ensure maximized visibility. It is important to use them as it saves us from any incoming danger because of our invisibility.

7. Masks:

Many construction sites consist of harmful gases and materials. They are harmful to us and can enter our body with our breath. Surgical or face masks are an important PPE to prevent that from happening. It ensures our safety and lowers our vulnerability against many different harmful substances.

8. Respirators:

Respirators are face masks of advanced material. We use them in complicated workspaces where simple masks will not be enough. It has many types depending upon the complexity of the situation where we’ll use them. It is thus important to know what type of respirator will be suitable for which situation. And how do we operate them and change filters when necessary?

9. Fall Protection Equipment:

As the name suggests, fall protection equipment saves us from falling. When we are working at heights, we must make sure that we are safe and protected. Belts, ropes, buckles, and other support systems that hold us in the air and protects us from falling. It all comes into fall protection equipment and is a very important type of PPE.

10. Sunscreen:

It is not usually felt as important as the others. But, sunscreen is also a very necessary PPE for construction workers. There can be situations with scorching heat and constant sunlight on hot days. These sunscreens are then necessary to protect our skin from harmful sun rays. It is thus important that construction workers have access to sunscreen too like all the other PPE. 

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