What is stem cell therapy?

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The body of humans consists of Stem Cells. Cells collectively work to generate different functions that are performed by the body. These Cells under right conditions within the body or provided in a laboratory environment undergo the division process. The newly formed cells are commonly termed as the daughter cells. These newly formed cells either become the new stem cells which is known as the self-renewal. The other possible outcome of this regeneration is differentiation in which the cells are allotted specific functions which can be brain, heart , blood , and bone. Apart from stem cells, no other type of cell found within the body bear the possibility of regeneration.

Stem cell therapy was introduced in somewhere around the 1950s and from that point on, it is one of the most researched areas of the medical treatment. One of the most considerable and well-known treatment is Bone marrow, which is widely used worldwide. On the other end, cord blood-based umbilical therapies are also being carried out. A notable amount of funds all over the world go out to research the scope of the stem cells, and how these cells can be programmed to cure the incurable diseases we have today such as diabetes.

Stem cell therapy has seen some revolutionary developments in recent times. Investigators around the globe have been able to isolate the stem cells and culture the embryonic stem cells. This helps them to create new stem cells by the use of nuclear transfer carried out by somatic method. This has also served a long way in the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells. A lot of research is being focused on how these newer strategies can be utilized from a commercial perspective.

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